Film Festival Five was organized by Dan Bringhurst, after years of contributing to the FMASU Guerilla Shorts Showcase in Southern Utah. Our event is similar in scope to FMASU's ambitions, different only in our desire to reach out to filmmakers world wide.

"Guerilla" as it's called - if you're not into the whole brevity thing - is a place to share our ambitions and creative skills, a place for coming together and relishing the fruits of our ambitions. With three weeks to film, we get our theme reveal and rush off, excited to put pen to paper. And we learn, getting better by seeing the other films submitted.

And it's this concept, brought to fruition by Adam Mast and John Pugh, that has inspired us to wonder what filmmakers were doing in California. New York? Britain? We wanted to know what people were making, and what they were capable of. So this event is for indie filmmakers world wide who think they have what it takes to make the better film.

Dan Bringhurst is known for "The Nautilus" [seen below] and "Whiskers & The Terrible Hole", as well as contributing regularly to FMASU's Guerilla Shorts Showcase.

The Nautilus, Directed by Dan Bringhurst