What is a cycle, in reference to Film Festival Five?

Because we have biannual events, we're more than simply a yearly online film festival. We offer multiple competitions and each one is called a Cycle, with it's applicable month attached. For example, our next event is our January Cycle, with a Theme Reveal being dropped on January 1st, 2019. A Cycle begins with that Theme Reveal and ends on the last day a filmmaker can enter.

Does it cost anything to enter?

Yes. There is a $10 submission fee. This goes toward site maintenance, programming, and our awards. This payment is non-refundable.

Can I enter a film I've already made?

Absolutely - so long as it's under five minutes, and it happens to adhere to this Cycle's Theme. In all honesty, because of the nature of our Theme Selection, it's extremely unlikely you have a pre-existing film that meets the criteria.

Is there an award for best film?

Yes, there are multiple awards given after the Selection Process, including Best Film, Audience Choice, Best Performance, Best Original Score, and Best Special Effects. More awards may be given, and we reserve the right to alter these awards based on the films we receive.

Awards, cash and/or gifts will be presented, but the details of these awards are based solely on our funding.

How long do I have to film?

This may change from one Cycle to the next, but you can expect it to be roughly three months. The exact due date will be issued when the Theme Reveal is dropped.

Who will see my film?

Anyone who visits this website will have access to your film. Additionally, those films that make Official Entry will be screened at our live event at The Electric Theater, in Southern Utah.

We'll pull in as many views as we can, but we hope you'll share this event with people you know. After all, the more views your film gets, the better chance it has of winning Audience Choice. Films that win will be uploaded to our YouTube page and promoted there as well as our website, and it'll remain there indefinitely, or until you request it be taken down.